Made with the greatest of care, we guarantee each instrument to the original owner to be free of defect of either workmanship or materials.

As the newest member of the Troublesome Creek family, we work hard for the trust you have placed in our product. We therefore promise that, going forward, we will meet or exceed all reasonable industry standards of customer care.

And speaking of care, now that you are responsible for this instrument’s survival, mind those ruinous extremes of heat and humidity. Don’t lean it up against the wall, ever, and whether in the case or out, try not to drop it.

Please fill out the enclosed registration card and return it to us in the envelope provided. Then use your Troublesome Creek instrument often and well. And if you have any problems, let us know.

On behalf of our family here at TC, I thank you,

Doug Naselroad, Master Luthier TCSIC


This Limited Warranty is valid only if the instrument is purchased from an authorized Troublesome Creek Stringed Instrument Co. dealer located in the United States.