At Troublesome Creek Stringed Instrument Company, we train people in recovery to become some of the best luthiers in the country. Using the finest in locally-sourced, Appalachian hardwoods, they create stunning instruments that are both tonally and environmentally excellent, while each sale contributes to the regrowth of our post-coal economy. When you purchase a Troublesome Creek instrument,you get you more than a terrific handmade heirloom; you take ownership in a legacy that you helped build. Visit the Appalachian School of Luthiery at:



‘It really saved my life’: Addicts using music as a pathway to recovery

Music for recovery

School shows how to build musical instruments and a new life after addiction

new life after addiction


Luthiery school helps recovering opioid addicts heal

Helping recovering opioid addicts heal

Man ‘headed for death’ says he was saved by this

Man healed by this